18 August 2015

A Coastal Vintage Wedding


Fancy a coastal themed wedding by the sea or even in the countryside?

If you are planning a wedding, or even a party or event and want to incorporate a coastal theme, today we have some great ideas and inspiration for you.

Sally of Coastal Vintage was so kind to join us today on Glamour Coastal Living - Sally is a lover of the sea and all things coastal vintage. Sally created Coastal Vintage out of a love for beautiful old coastal items. After a decade of sailing around the world, she wanted to bring those memories of the sea home with her, and this is how Coastal Vintage began. Coastal Vintage is based in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast, where you can browse Sally's incredible range of coastal finds, or even visit her website and online store.

We are so lucky to have Sally join us today to share some insight into decorating and incorporating coastal vintage items into a coastal themed wedding.

Sally, you have such an eye for beautiful coastal vintage items, thank you for joining us today to give us some insight into styling coastal vintage weddings. What does a coastal vintage wedding look like to you?

Styled with beautiful old authentic coastal vintage pieces particularly with blue & white colours - giant clam shell, blue coral, white coral, blue & green glass floats, oars, life ring, crab pot, sisal rope and maybe a ships wheel - displaying those gorgeous old nautical, seaside, coastal items in a wedding space creates an atmosphere that evokes memories for people of being by the sea or out at sea.  Certainly a lovely way to pretty up a wedding with a point of difference. 

Some of your coastal vintage pieces have been captured in both country and coastal locations, does a coastal vintage inspired wedding always have to be by the sea?

Absolutely not. The very first photo shoot I did with my coastal vintage pieces was with Stylists Hong Henwood of Affordable Style Files & Emma Flint of Raw Styling, and photographer Hannah McCawley. Over a 5 hour period we styled up my backyard (located in the hinterlands of Noosa) a coastal style wedding in a country setting. We also used wattle and eucalyptus leaves rather than traditional flowers. It was simply beautiful. I learnt a lot that day! 

I also had a girlfriend who had a Hawaiian themed wedding in an old dairy building on her property - showing you don't always have to be by the sea!

For brides looking for inspiration on how to incorporate coastal vintage decor into their wedding, what are some ways you could do this? 

Blue & white coral make beautiful table setting pieces, a giant clam shell filled with ice and champagne, vintage nautical chart with table seating arrangements,  small glass floats on table, crab pots with strings of led lights to illuminate areas outside with soft light, glass floats hanging from trees or rafters or fishing nets as a table runner...

Coastal Vintage was involved in a beautiful wedding photoshoot recently that featured a rustic timber boat. For me it reiterated that you don't need to go over the top when styling a wedding, sometimes a few key pieces are all you need to make a statement. What would your top three pieces be to incorporate into a coastal vintage wedding?

Giant Clam Shell/s and coral on the table settings - clam shells could be filled with flowers or candles, a small boat or old wooden canoe (coming soon to Coastal Vintage) filled with champagne & drinks and crab pots with led or fairy lights for soft lighting. 

You may have read above Sally's tips above of some key coastal items to style a coastal wedding with - 
...a vintage nautical sea chart, used as a seating plan
...coral centrepieces
...glass floats 
...sisal rope
It all comes together perfectly I think in this waterfront wedding.

Coastal Vintage decor, in collaboration with LoveBirds Weddings 

A coastal wedding can be in any location you like - by the sea or in the country. Sally spoke about the wedding photoshoot that was styled and captured in her Noosa hinterland backyard earlier- well here are all the amazing shots from that day. Proving the hinterland can make the perfect backdrop for a coastal themed wedding.

This look is just the right amount of coastal details for a coastal wedding in the country.

...Think trestle tables, overflowing with giant clamshells, eucalyptus, glass floats, and old fishing net runner, intertwined with starfish, and pearl shell salad plates with European style lunch platters served on boards and prawns in the clam shells. The branches above dripping with larger glass floats and lanterns... All overlooking paddocks, and a view of Mount Cooroy in Qld’s Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Sounds perfect doesn't it?

I love the rustic look of this wedding and adore the yellow wattle - so inventive using it from the garden, it looks stunning against that backdrop. 

Coastal Vintage decor, in collaboration with Lost In Wishful thinking, Emma Flint of Raw Styling and Hong of The Affordable Style Files.

Shipwrecked in paradise. This gorgeous shoot is at Little Cove Noosa.

Here is a little inspiration for a beach wedding styled with some vintage coastal pieces. A beautiful backdrop allows the styling and decorations to be minimal. I adore the vintage wooden boat and simple glass floats and anchor. Doesn't the bride look like a mermaid?


I have put together some beautiful coastal pieces, so you can shop this look and achieve a dream coastal vintage wedding. Think rattan, wicker, rustic candle in a jar, shells, timber and burlap! Gorgeous...

I hope you have loved the coastal vintage wedding inspiration - it shows you don't have to have a coastal wedding by the sea, it can be in the country too! 


Thank you Sally for joining us today and sharing with us your gorgeous photos and insights into creating a coastal vintage wedding! x

Note, if you want to see more all information and photos sourced from here, here and here. Enjoy!!

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  1. What gorgeous photo's makes me want to get married all over again!

    1. I know Vicki - perhaps a renewal of vows ceremony?! :P

  2. Hubby is not going to be happy when I tell him I want to get married again!! Beautiful post xx

    1. Perhaps you can do a renewal of vows?! ;P

  3. I think I liked the countryside one the best, loved all the blue/green glassware (if you saw my house, you'd know straight away that would have been my pick!). I must admit I'm a bit overwhelmed by how much trouble brides go to these days (that makes me sound old, oh dear) to decorate and theme their weddings - and I thought the 80's was over the top, LOL!

    Visiting from #teamIBOT x

    1. With Pinterest these days, it seems any event or wedding is over the top! I loved the countryside too - good taste. I loved how the wattle and greenery was picked form the garden (so simple!) but looked amazing x

  4. If Boatman had known this kind of wedding was an option, I wouldn't have had a chance with any other theme! I really love this for a wedding. So beautifully different.

    1. Thanks Jess for stopping by! I got married just before the Pinterest craze, which I am kinda glad for otherwise I think I would have been a little carried away. Maybe you can renew your vowels :P


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